Our History


       Reynolds Insurance Agency (RIA) was established in 1946 when my Grandfather, Hardin F. Reynolds began selling insurance on a part-time basis. It soon turned into a full-time business. In 1977 my father, Kenneth H. Reynolds, joined the agency. Kenneth's prior experience consisted of 11 years with the Agricultural Stabilization and Conservation Service (now known as FSA). Hardin slowly phased out of the Agency and finally discontinued his license in 1993 at the age of 79. In September of 1991 I joined the Agency to operate our second location in Stanley, ND which is located 32 miles north of New Town. My prior experience was a 4 year BA degree in Business Administration and MIS. On January 1, 2003 I purchased the Agency from my father Kenneth and assumed full leadership and management responsibility of the Agency. At that time Kenneth slowly transitioned himself out of the main operations of the Agency. Kenneth continues to carry an active insurance license and is called upon, occasionally, to perform some duties. On January 1, 2008 RIA acquired Brad Johnson Insurance in Crosby, ND.

       Reynolds Insurance Agency, Inc. operates its main office location in New Town, ND along with Brad Johnson Insurance in Crosby, ND. Weekly visits are made to the areas of Parshall, ND and Plaza, ND. Our staff consists of 12 professional members including myself, at our 2 locations.

       The core business of the Agency is farm related (farm property, auto, crop, and hail) with the balance being a mix of commercial, personal lines, life and annuities. The success of the Agency has been the farming expertise we bring to the client. With the changing number (and size) of farms in today's economy we are continually working to provide the necessary services to the larger operations. This service is in the form of knowledgeable personnel and company contracts, never compromising the reputation of the Agency or our client which has carried us to where we are today and will continue to carry us into the future.


Craig Reynolds, President

Reynolds Insurance Agency, Inc.


Est. 1946



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